Precision's Jira for Microsoft Outlook is an add-in for Outlook that allows for quick reference of Jira issues without having to look them up. Each email is scanned for Jira issue IDs, and then searched in your Jira system for matches. Jira issues that are found as a match are loaded asynchronously in the lower part of the reading pane of the email window.

This quick reference to Jira information is a timesaver and a lifesaver allowing you to process your email more efficiently. Anytime a customer references a Jira issue ID, you can quickly view all the status information, or click a convenient link to go to it in Jira.

If you use this product, please send us any feedback for feature requests you may want.

Note: Atlassian's Jira is a project planning and issue tracking system used by many software development companies to manage their work.

Jira for Outlook add-in

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