Line of Business Applications (LOB)

Custom software developed to provide a significant boost to productivity for your entire company.

Business Website Applications

Reduce wasteful inefficiencies, and improve the quality and value you provide to your customers.

Business Application Software Tools

A cost effective way to get leverage out of technology, without the heavy investment burden of large systems.

Central Password Repository

If you or your company is using Excel or Word to store passwords and you need a place to keep passwords electronically, you can and should immediately start using some type of password management software. This type of software has been designed with one thing in mind, to keep your passwords secure, and safe, and if used properly, they will do just that.


Jira for Outlook add-in

Precision's Jira for Outlook is an add-in perfect for anyone who uses Atlassian's Jira and Outlook. It searches the currently viewed email for any issue IDs and conveniently displays them at the bottom of your email for quick reference.


Nerd is the New Jock

Tech Industry News and Blog

Windows Server 2003/R2 End of Life

End of Life for Windows 2003 Server is coming. Just because you bought a server recently doesn't mean that you don't still have an old server or virtual machine running the older version of windows.