We're constantly striving to make the best software products for your business needs.

Not only do we love to create custom solutions and software for our customers, but we actually enjoy doing this so much that we even do some for ourselves. If we can make something faster or more efficient, that lets us spend less time waiting and more time being productive.

If we see something that slows our productivity, we'll look for ways to automate or at least make it substantially easier to use and create our own tool for it. We use many of these custom tools internally, some of which we are able to offer here for the masses.

Jira for Outlook add-in

Precision's Jira for Outlook is an add-in perfect for anyone who uses Atlassian's Jira and Outlook. It searches the currently viewed email for any issue IDs and conveniently displays them at the bott...

Automatic Versions

Automatic Versions is for software developers that use Microsoft Visual Studio. It automatically increments the build numbers for the solution, reducing the burdon on the developer.

SharePoint Label Printer

The SharePoint label printer is a Microsoft SharePoint Solution that enables printing of information to a label printer directly from within a SharePoint list. This can be anything from printing a ba...