Built on the strength of C# code, ASP.Net web-based applications can be built to be dynamic and responsive to whatever your needs are. For example, if you have a custom legacy desktop-based application and make it web-based, you're looking to do an ASP.Net web application. If you're looking to integrate your site with a third party system, such as Sales Force, Mail Chimp, SharePoint, you name it, you need an ASP.Net web application.

A short list of ASP.Net benefits

Some benefits to using ASP.Net over other systems include

  • fully customizable
  • authentication and strong security
  • fast performance for higher productivity
  • rapid application development

Let us craft your company applications

In addition to just dynamic web pages, we can create applications for supply/inventory, accounting, customer management, mobile and remote access, and more.

Our ASP.Net solutions are an excellent way to save money through web-based applications that are scalable, efficient, and easily accessible to your customers, while putting essential information right in front of them. It will be as easy for them as accessing anything else on the web.

The technical details

For all new developments, we're targeting ASP.Net on Windows servers using IIS. For data persistence, we use Microsoft SQL Server and SSMS. Our technical expertise and preference is to do all of our coding in C# with Microsoft Visual Studio.

Solutions for Microsoft ASP.Net Web Applications

Instant Deposit Slip

With Instant Deposit Slip, you can make a quick deposit entry in Quickbooks from a mobile device and have a receipt printer print the deposit slip.

Line of Business Framework

The Precision Line of Business Framework is a lightweight proprietary framework that can be customized in any way to meet our customers' specific needs. It's not a product out of the box, but a baseline with which to more cost effectively build solutions for customers.

Products for Microsoft ASP.Net Web Applications

There are currently no products for Microsoft ASP.Net Web Applications in our showcase.

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Talk to Mike

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