We love what we do. We love the challenges of our day to day work. We have the utmost respect for one another. And we love working together as a team to accomplish more than any one person could.

The people who work for us are as important to us as our customers.


(Not just a)
Developers are the heart of a software company. Developers work on their own, or on occasion with another developer at a multi-person workstation. Code and design in a comfortable setting, set up for how you work best. Headphones on, shoes off is fine by us.

(Not only an)
All of our internships are paid positions. Interns are put through the same thorough training as our full-time employees and are given the freedom to start working on real projects as soon as they are able. Note: interns are under no obligation to fetch coffee.


Our vision is to constantly improve our work environments, finding the ones where developers can thrive to do what they do best. This could be anything from adding monitors to reducing distractions. When you're efficiency addicts like us, you're constantly looking for all the micro-efficiencies you can, because they help you to become a superhero version of yourself.

20% Time

Google, HP, 3M, Yahoo!, and many other pioneering companies have a convention, whereby the employees are allowed to use company time to work on ideas of their own that interest them. At 3M, as the old story goes, this time helped to create the ubiquitous Post-It note. HP's Fridays after lunch inspired some of their best-selling products. Many of Google's new and wildest projects and products come from this time, as well.

Our employees are encouraged to use some of their work time to come up with ideations of their own. This allows unbidden and creative problem solving and inspired processes that they might not have been able to think up under the pressure of the looming time clock. Often, these experiments lead to some of our most important and helpful innovations for our customers.

Specializations/Badges of Honor

In addition to our regular positions, we cater to your individual strengths. Although no one fits these categories perfectly, we do recognize core talents among individuals. You may have these skills already or you may learn them working here.

Customer Technical Liaison
As the name implies, this is someone who is excellent at working with the customers AND at understanding and developing software. This hybrid position is for someone with great people skills as well as computer skills.
Database Expert
Dream in SQL? Do you hate it when your relationships aren't normalized? If you do or you have a willingness to learn these things, you may be a database expert.
User Experience (UX) Expert
Do you know how to work with the differences between flat and skeuomorphism? Do you think .less is more? Are you always searching for new and better CSS selectors? User Experience Experts can turn HTML and CSS into things of beauty.
Architecture and Structure Expert
As someone who has an excellent ability to retain knowledge of libraries and existing applications as well as an uncanny aptitude for seeing how each minute component of a piece of software will work within the bigger picture, then you might be a software architect.
DevOps Expert
Do you know the difference between an A record and an MX record? The DevOps team is made up of developers who's responsibility it is to ensure smooth delivery of what is developed out into the internet wilderness.

Everyone who works for Precision Infinity has a say in the next big steps we take as a team and in the overall direction of the company. Everyone's opinion is respected and valued.

Dress Code

Wear clothes. We don't have a policy formally written down, but we're not business casual. We're casual casual. If you are the type who likes to dress up, check out the Customer Technical Liaison specialization.

What we use on a daily basis

We have visions to branch out into other areas of technical excellence, and we all know and use other technologies to stay sharp, but for now, we love these tools and they pay the bills.

  • C# programming language
  • ASP.Net
  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • NuGet
  • Perforce

Sound interesting?

When we look for people to hire, we look for smart people with natural talent and programming ability, who get things done and have a willingness to learn. We can give you the experience and training you need. Even if you don't know the tools that we use, feel free to use the form below to find out if you'd be a good fit, and to help us keep in touch with you as you grow your developer skillset.

Still think you're not ready?

You may not be, but that's ok. Connect with us through our internship and workshop programs.