If Chrome crashes, or your computer crashes, then Chrome has a built in feature that will recover your tabs for you automatically when you reopen Chrome the next time. But what if you accidentally close your tabs? Well if you accidentally close just one tab, and Chrome is still open, then there is a great feature in Chrome, right click in the tabs area and choose "Reopen closed tab" (the keyboard shortcut is ctrl-shift-T).

BUT if you closed Chrome, accidentally or because you had to restart for example, then you're out of luck unless you have an extension like Session Buddy. Session Buddy is like a safety net for your tabs. It keeps track of what you did when.

NOTE: If you don't already have session buddy, and you're trying to recover what tabs you had open because you restarted, you can use the "history" in chrome. To access history, click the menu in the upper right (it looks like three horizontal lines) and click "History."

So how is Session Buddy any different from the "History" in the browser? Well, I guess it's the same but better because of the following:

  • Grouping of what you had open by tab "Sessions" and grouped by when you used those
  • Ability to quickly reopen all tabs from a Session
  • Ability to "Save" a session for later (which basically records all the open tabs and lets you Name them)

Do you have to restart your computer but have a lot of tabs open in Chrome that you want to save? Using this extension is a great way to do that.

The one feature that is missing in my opinion is the ability to "Save" a tab session and open that tab session on another device. I've read that this feature is in their backlog of ideas. For example, I would love to be able to "transfer" my tabs from my Desktop to my Laptop using that capability. Despite not having that feature, the extension is incredibly useful.

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