(I can't believe i haven't posted about this before, because I use it all the time and it fits within the context of this blog.)

In working with customers I use join.me several times a week. Customers instantly see the benefit and are usually asking me more questions about it. It's a much faster alternative to GoToMeeting (no installation required on the viewing side) and a much cheaper option as well (as in, free).

It's presented by the clever people from logmein products. They tend to use loss leading products like this to draw you into paid services, but trust me, there is no pressure at all. They must operate on the philosophy that you will love them so much, if you ever decide something they offer is useful to pay for and needed, you won't hesitate to buy it from them.

The only annoying part in using join.me is I find I have to say the following phrase a little too much - "Open your browser and go to join dot me, no dotcom and no www." Once I work with someone a couple of times using this though, they tend to pick it up rather quickly.

Note: When you choose to Share your screen on join.me, make sure to choose BASIC instead of PRO if you want to avoid having to sign up for a free trial, etc.

UPDATES: If you are looking for an alternative to GoToMeeting and don't mind paying a little, join.me offers a PRO account for $13 a month, which is a really good value for what they offer, and very competitive compared to GoToMeeting's $39 per month. I've also noticed that they have improved the URL so it will accept the www in front if a user tries to navigate to it, but I still have a hard time convincing people that the ".com" is not going to work.

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