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Windows Server 2003/R2 End of Life

End of Life for Windows 2003 Server is coming. Just because you bought a server recently doesn't mean that you don't still have an old server or virtual machine running the older version of windows.

Is your Business Network Secure?

The antivirus protection that is built into firewalls will be ineffective in the coming years if you don't make changes soon. This post discusses the tradeoff between security and usability for network administrators on your SMB networks, and how deep packet inspection helps, but needs to be taken to the next level in the coming years in order to keep networks secure.

My VM is not saving my ClearType settings

If you use a virtual machines (VM) or Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop, you may have noticed that the ClearType or Font-smoothing settings aren't on by default and you have to set them every time you remote into the machine. Here is the workaround to fix this problem.

Enable Hibernate on the Surface Pro 3 Shutdown Menu

To conserve maximum battery life, you may want to purposely hibernate your machine. If you try to do this on a Surface Pro 3 or more recent Windows 8 tablets that support the new connected standby feature, you may notice that hibernate is missing from the shutdown options. This article explains how to add it as an option.

What is the Command to Launch Remote Desktop?

You can quickly launch remote desktop by clicking Start -> Run and typing 'mstsc' then hitting enter.

Prevent Accidentally Losing Chrome Tabs After Restart

If Chrome crashes, or your computer crashes, then Chrome has a built in feature that will recover your tabs for you automatically when you reopen Chrome the next time. But what if you accidentally close your tabs or you have to restart?

How to Hide the Remote Desktop Bar

If you unpin the remote desktop bar but it still gets in your way, it is possible to hide it permanently. Or if you have an issue with the remote desktop bar not showing, this is how you can fix that. is a Free Alternative to GotoMeeting

In working with customers I use several times a week. Customers instantly see the benefit and are usually asking me more questions about it. It's a much faster alternative to GoToMeeting (no installation required on the viewing side) and a much cheaper option as well (as in, free).

Secure Your Gmail

Gmail accounts are an easy attack vector for hackers because your passwords are so predictable. You should use a strong and unique password, but if you don't like remembering passwords, you should try out 2-factor authentication, which is a huge improvement to security, even if you use a weak password.