Line of Business (LOB) applications are a set of highly important computer programs designed to help a business run.

Software that runs your business

Accounting, resource and supply chain management, and even content management and human resources all depend on LOB applications. Once in place, they are usually the vital lifeblood of an organization because it can leverage the effectiveness of the entire company. Some companies will use existing LOB software. QuickBooks,, or larger and more expensive ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems, such as the Microsoft Dynamics brand, are all examples of LOB applications that are used to run a business. Some companies literally run their entire businesses with pen and paper, which can work, but is obviously inefficient in today's technologically driven world. LOB software can be thought of as the digitizing of those pen and paper systems. Since the 1980s, these systems are able to take things to an entirely new level and, as such, LOB software has grown to such an extent that they are all but mandatory in today's business world.

How do companies use LOB applications?

Some companies will choose to heavily customize or extend Line of Business software to better meet their needs. Some even take this further with creating their own applications if current options aren't particularly viable. All of these customizations, if done properly, give the company a competitive advantage in the marketplace. They help to make the company better and/or faster at what they do, or enable them to offer products or services not offered by others.

Let us create your own personal LOB applications

Contact us to develop any custom Line of Business software that will take all of your various operational needs and put them together in a simple, easy to use web-based interface.

Solutions for Line of Business Applications (LOB)

Line of Business Framework

The Precision Line of Business Framework is a lightweight proprietary framework that can be customized in any way to meet our customers' specific needs. It's not a product out of the box, but a baseline with which to more cost effectively build solutions for customers.

Business to Business Websites

Specially-designed, secure websites created especially for your business customers to interact more efficiently with you.

Products for Line of Business Applications (LOB)

Jira for Outlook add-in

Precision's Jira for Outlook is an add-in perfect for anyone who uses Atlassian's Jira and Outlook. It searches the currently viewed email for any issue IDs and conveniently displays them at the bottom of your email for quick reference.

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