Cash flow is a top priority when running a business. It helps to get checks in the bank as quickly as possible.

Do you find it too cumbersome to have to open your accounting system every time you need to make a deposit? When you see a customer check you may get it into the bank in haste, only months later to scratch your head wondering what that deposit was for and unable to find a check stub to go with the amount.

With Instant Deposit Slip, you can make the entry in Quickbooks, fast, and automatic, and have a receipt printer quickly print the deposit slip receipt. Use the receipt as a deposit slip if you need to take the check to the bank, or staple it to the check stub if you use remote deposit capture or mobile image deposit (taking a picture of a check to make a deposit). There is also a unique ID number with barcode on the receipt that will be in your system for matching it later if required.

Efficiency improvement: Get money into the bank faster

Bookkeeping departments will often have shortcuts to be able to get money into the bank quickly, such as carbon copy deposit slips, but still have to manually input deposit details. That will work fine, but we think that Instant Deposit slip is one step better because it works with the accounting system to make creating a deposit slip as easy as the carbon copy, but doesn't circumvent your accounting system. It's a one-step answer to getting the important details into your system.

This solution, designed for Quickbooks, but easily customized for other Accounting or ERP systems, cuts down on bookeeping work, which is the path of least resistance for employees, so you'll be sure they'll use it without nagging them.

Step saved: No need to waste time keying the deposit into QuickBooks

Not only is it more efficient, but you can give employees who aren't bookeepers the ability to make deposits because it doesn't expose any other accounting functions. No one, however, can use Instant Deposit unless you give them permission in the system.

Ability to easily receive a deposit on your mobile device

An employee who has access to Instant Deposit, simply pulls up the Instant Deposit site on your internal network on a mobile phone, tablet or desktop. They select the customer, then the invoice to receive against, and can fill in the payment amount against the invoice, and optionally the check number, memo, receive date, and transaction date (dates will default to today if not set). They click the "Make Deposit" button and the deposit will be made into Quickbooks and the deposit slip will print. The entire process takes less than a minute.


  • The receipt printer has to be tied to a desktop or server.
  • Instant Deposit currently is designed to be installed on premise and only work in your networked environment.
  • This solution is available for purchase with source code if desired.

Instant Deposit Slip

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